Division for Educational Planning

Work and Projects

Education Monitoring

At the start of primary school, students with a socially disadvantaged family background have less previous knowledge than children from more advantaged families. The differences in the children’s development in achievement grow larger over the course of primary school. At the secondary school level, the differences then remain stable. This finding of the Canton of Zurich Student Assessment Panel Study underlines the importance of effective measures in early childhood education. The aim is to give children from disadvantaged families as much as possible the same educational opportunities at school entry, thanks to targeted promotion of individual learning abilities.

The Education Monitoring section evaluates the data gathered on student achievement, conducts analyses of effects, and makes prognoses. It supports in this way the planning of the Department of Education. In addition, the Education Monitoring section monitors external evaluations and coordinates research requests.

Education Statistics

The Education Statistics section collects, checks, and manages data on the education system in the Canton of Zurich. This supports the planning and controlling of the Department of Education. The section contributes to intercantonal comparisons and to bases for planning and decision making at the federal level by supplying data to the Federal Statistical Office. In addition, the Education Statistics section handles inquiries from researchers and media representatives.

In addition to the data on the Zurich education system, the Education Statistics section also compiles the education statistics for the Cantons of Thurgau, Glarus, and Graubünden on a contractual basis.

Strategic Projects

Many actors in the area of schools see themselves as burdened by the reforms of recent years. This should be taken seriously. But far-reaching changes in society and the economy call for continuous further development and innovation in education, for education should provide children, young people, and adults the chance for personal development. Education also strengthens societal cohesion and creates the preconditions for economic progress.

Together with the offices in the Department of Education and institutions and organizations in the area of the schools, the Strategic Projects section works on projects on further development of the educational offerings of the Canton of Zurich.

Representative for «Violence in School Environments»

Mobbing in the schools, sexual assaults on teenagers, and violence by young people cause uncertainty, shock, and concern. Parents and the schools do everything within their power to allow children and young people to grow up in an environment free of violence. Where do the schools and parents find support in this? What can they do, if their children and adolescents are victims of violence or commit violence themselves?

The Representative for «Violence in School Environments» is responsible for increasing measures for violence prevention and intervention at schools and in their environments. These measures include providing the public with information on advice and support services. The Internet portal Stopp Gewalt [stop violence] makes information available to parents and students on what they can do against violence and where they can get support.