Division for Educational Planning

Picture: Frank Brüderli, Stallikon
Picture: Frank Brüderli

We support the Department of Education in creating high-quality educational opportunities that benefit all children, young people, and adults in the Canton of Zurich.

The Division for Educational Planning collects performance information on developments and measures in the early years foundation stage, elementary and lower secondary schools, baccalaureate schools, vocational and professional education and training, and universities of applied sciences. For specific issues, the Division for Educational Planning commissions and oversees external evaluations. Based on the data, the Division for Educational Planning analyses the quality of the educational services in the Canton of Zurich and how well they meet needs, are coordinated and harmonized, and effective―compared to findings in other cantons and countries and to scientific research. The provision of performance information must not be an end in itself; rather, its overall objective is to support better decision making by the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich, leading to improved performance and/or accountability and, ultimately, enhanced outcomes for society.

As a part of its performance mandate, the Division for Educational Planning produces Strategy on Development reports for all parts of the educational system. The Division also prepares summaries of important findings for education policy discussions and publishes them in reports and on the Internet for the public.

The Division for Educational Planning is attached to the General Secretariat of the Department of Education. Educational Planning has three sections: Education Statistics, Education Monitoring, and Strategic Projects. Attached to the Division for Educational Planning is also the Representative for «Violence in School Environments».


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