Early Childhood

Continuing education on early language acquisition

In promoting young children’s early language acquisition in all learning contexts, professionals play a central role. They support early language learning in their work with young children – in daycare centers, play groups, and family daycare – or they assist parents in this task. For this reason, the Department of Education places great importance on promoting awareness and qualifying professionals in the area of language education. Two continuing education offerings in this area are «Training Kit» and «Webinar».

Early language acquisition training kit

Starting in May 2019, the Winterthur VET school in cooperation with the Thurgau University of Teacher Education and the Marie Meierhofer Children’s Institute is offering five continuing education units on early language acquisition for professionals working in early childhood education and care. The five offerings in the training kit can be booked with the Winterthur VET school by institutions focusing on early education and care, advisory offices, associations and organizations, networks, or municipalities. The continuing education courses are conducted locally, on site. The training kit is made possible through the support of the Lottery Fund of the Canton of Zurich.

Further information is available at: www.bfs-winterthur.ch/weiterbildung (in German)

Early language acquisition webinar

For professionals who advise parents, the Office for youth and vocational guidance counseling of the Department of Education of the Canton of Zurich will offer continuing education on early language acquisition in the form of a webinar starting in August 2019. The webinar is designed for professionals working in counseling for mothers and fathers, childrearing advising, early childhood special education, speech therapy, parent education, and community work. The webinar is an online training course in which you participate on your own computer. In interdisciplinary mixed groups, the participants can share their practical experiences using the chat feature.

Further information is available at: www.ajb.zh.ch/sprachbildung-4 (in German)